Прогнозы крипта Crypto Coins other than BTC (коины отличные от биткоинов)

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    Kin cryptocurrency is the incentive in the Kin Ecosystem between app developers, content creators and customers. The KIN token ICO was conducted in September 2017. Apart from building a blockchain based system, the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) is designed to reward the developers in proportion to the daily active spenders of KIN on their apps and the contribution to the P2P pool. The Blockchain was originally designed on Ethereum [ETH] as an ERC-20 tokens. Lately, the Kin Blockchain was developed and the tokens are eligible for migration from ERC-20 to KIN until June 2020 https://coingape.com/price/kin/

    Wanchain is a blockchain platform designed to make asset transfers and run dApp for the financial sector. From transfers and payment to investment and banking, Wanchain aims to replace the existing traditional banking system around the world with its cross-chain blockchain-based solution. The Wanchain mainnet went live in January 2018. In June 2018, Wanchain 2.0 was launched, and Wanchain 3.0 came to existence in December 2018, where the BTC-ETH was moved from testnet to production. Wanchain, before January 2018, existed as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum platform. Presently, Wanchain (WAN) is its own crypto coin https://coingape.com/price/wanchain/

    XYO is the network whose sole purpose is to make your driving experience anywhere across the world a memorable one. The decentralized network is governed by the YXO Foundation. Through the foundation members of the community, individuals, developers, as well as enterprises, are able to learn about “possibilities of a location-based data network built on shared incentives https://coingape.com/price/xyo/

    DigiByte refers to an open-source blockchain that was incepted late 2013 and launched in the first quarter of 2014. It is considered as one of the fastest cryptocurrency projects in the market. It prides itself on being the “longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchains in existence.” It is essential to note that DigyByte was never pre-mined neither was it launched through an ICO; a factor that makes it stand out among its peers. DigiByte was launched in 2014 by Jared Tate according. The project's genesis block was mined in January 2014 and marked the official launch of DigiByte. Besides, this was the beginning of an exciting journey in the cryptocurrency universe. There was an upgrade in February 2014 that saw the activation of “DigiShield” in order to “use real-time difficulty adjustment against hash fluctuations. ”Another significant upgrade to the network took place in December 2015 leading to the reduction of block time to 15 seconds, hence supporting faster transactions. Intriguingly, DigiByte was the first cryptocurrency to activate SegWit before both Bitcoin and Litecoin. In a bid to compete with platforms such as Ethereum and EOS, DigiByte development team went ahead to launch “DigiAssets,” a decentralized platform that opened the network for decentralized issuance of assets and more. The development of DigiByte has never stopped since its launch and has no plan to do so in the coming years. The development team continues to explore different ways that will keep DGB at the forefront of innovation especially in the digital currency industry https://coingape.com/price/digibyte/

    Sia is one of a kind decentralized cloud storage platform that aims to compete with the existing storage methods. It intends to provide solutions at both P2P and enterprise levels. The main difference between existing storage and Sia is that the renting of cloud storage is from a centralized provider, while it is between peers on the Sia platform. This peer-to-peer renting of storage is possible through blockchain technology. Also, as it is decentralized, the transaction time is negligible and is extremely safe as well. A Sia user can rent out space for storing data, for which he will receive a reward. The platform and cryptocurrency development of Sia is going great for a while. This cryptocurrency got its recognition in 2015, which began the overall growth of Sia. This unique technology and concept have got the eyes of both users and investors.
    Sia is more gravitated towards ordinary users because the entry threshold is minimal. Rewards on the network can be received by anyone who provides space for storing data https://coingape.com/price/siacoin/

    Vechain is a blockchain platform primarily designed to gear up the supply chain management and business processes. It aims to streamline these processes and create a seamless information flow for supply chains using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The platform has two native cryptocurrencies - VeChain (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO). The VET token is used as a transfer value in the Vechain network, while the VTHO token is used as gas for powering the transactions. Presently, VeChain is under progress to design a blockchain-based platform that not only finds applications in the digital world but also assimilates with real business ecosystems. As a result, enterprises would now be able to handle various functions with the aid of this blockchain-based platform. From these factors, the VeChain price is maintaining grounds https://coingape.com/price/vechain/

    Ravencoin is the native token in the Ravencoin platform launched in January 2018. It follows the PoW consensus mechanism, but the hashing algorithm varies from that of Bitcoin and does not allow ASIC mining. It had no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale during its launch and was funded by Medici Ventures, run by Overstock. The Ravencoin (RVN) is primarily used as a mode of fee payment on the network. It is also used for rewarding the developers on the system https://coingape.com/price/ravenchain/

    Zcoin [xzc] is a decentralized open-source platform and cryptocurrency powered by the ZeroCoin protocol. ZeroCoin is a Zero-knowledge proof protocol that assures complete anonymity and privacy in the financial system. Since the primary focus of this coin is privacy, it is considered as a 'Privacy coin.' Other coins that fall under the same category include Zcash, Monero, and Pivx. However, not all coins follow the ZeroCOin protocol. Thus, making them suitable competitors for Zcoin. Zcoin is a cryptocurrency having no transaction history. Typically, cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a public ledger; however, in the case of Zcoin, they can be destroyed to mint a new one using the Zerocoin protocol.A user can dump an old coin they own and replace it with a new Zcoin. Apart from high security, anonymity, and no history, the processing speed in Zcoin is fast. Zcoin transfers are confirmed and processed in a few seconds, while ZEC digital currency, its competitor, is confirmed in a few minutes https://coingape.com/price/zcoin/

    Waltonchain is a blockchain involved in supply chain management. It tracks radio-frequency identification (FRID) data on the entire supply chain. Waltonchain was named after the inventor of the RFID technology, Charlie Walton. Later, it became an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label, Trade Organization, and Network.
    The Waltonchain team is working on both software and hardware infrastructure to connect the world much better. Waltonchain was created by the founder in 2015 but was launched officially in 2017.
    Waltonchain (WTC) is the native cryptocurrency on the Waltonchain network, where users can even create their own tokens on subchains. RFID has been in the market for several years, but it's amalgam with blockchain for IoT purposes has become a unique and compelling concept. And this something Waltonchain is working on. Waltonchain is hybrid as it is based on both PoW and PoS mechanisms. So, a WTC holder gets the benefit of earning passive income via staking WTC and by running a masternode of Waltonchain https://coingape.com/price/waltonchain/

    Electroneum [ETN] is the cryptocurrency with powers the blockchain-based digital payment project. It was officially launched in November 2017 after a public fundraiser via an ICO. The total supply of ETN is 21 billion. Currently, around half of the total supply is in circulation in the market. The block time of the Electroneum blockchain is 2 minutes. The hashing algorithm for mining Electroneum is CryptoNight.
    It raised $ 40 million in the ICO. The current market capitalization of ETN is $ 74.6 million. The supply of ETN at the ICO price of 0.01 USD. Out of the initial 6 million pre-mined coins, 4 million ETNs were sold in one of the largest ICOs in crypto markets and the rest 2 million were processed by the firm. The ICO was conducted in September 2017 https://coingape.com/price/electoneum/

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